1. CSE seeks students who understand the role they play in their education and their future and that of their community world. Students must understand their innate power and purpose in their uniqueness enabling them to be ready and prepared for every opportunity that eventually will come their way. CSE will prepare students to enter the elite High Schools and ultimately universities of their choice.

Particular attention will be placed on the differentiated instruction appealing to all learning styles. New York State Standards will be met and exceeded and yearly Stanford Achievements tests will be administered.

2. Core Subjects (55 min. periods daily)

Other Subjects (45 min.)

Additionally, students are expected to do several hours of community service yearly. During the Fall and Spring, students engage in community gardening in our plot (assigned by the Civic Association of Cambria Heights on 227th Street and Linden Blvd.) and our own backyard garden patch.

Chores/Duties are also assigned individually to be performed once or twice per week.

Early morning review classes are held daily except for Monday in each core subject area. Those students with weak skills in Math and English are also assigned to attend Enrichment classes 2-3 days per week. This will replace their Duties, Study Hall and possibly one Entrepreneur session and Art.

Students spend three days camping upstate each year at YMCA Camp Greenkill. It is optional for eight graders but mandatory for sixth and seventh graders. The camping activities are designed to bond the students and teach cooperative skill building.

CSE Staff

Masters Degrees

Graduate Placement- 2012, 2013 & 2014 Graduating Class

CHOICE Program

Understanding that the high school process is difficult and painstaking, the CHOICE (Comprehensive High School Option and Information at Cambria School of Excellence) Program was initiated to assess parents with critically needed information and assistance. What are Universities looking for that your high school must provide? Unfortunately many do not offer our students an adequate number of advance placement classes. What regents are needed? What is a portfolio? Do you have one? What organizations are there to assist you and guarantee you major scholarship money? As deadlines are critical, a detailed timeline is provided.

Starting in the Spring of 6th grade, parents are introduced to the H.S. process. Seven categories of school are discussed. Information sessions continue in 7th grade culminating in individual meeting with each family as final High School choices are made in at least four categories.

Specialized H.S. Test Prep.

This program runs for two summers after 6th and 7th grade. It continues every other Saturday during the 7th grade year. We are currently preparing our fourth group to take the test in October 2013.

Past Record-

Year 1- One out of seven students accepted

Year 2- Three out of six students accepted

Year 3- One out of five students accepted

Year 4- Three out of six students accepted


National Junior Honor Society

CSE became a member in July 2012 and eleven students were accepted and admitted as members into the Society.


Senior Trips (See Travel Abroad page)